Status Definitions

Job Status Descriptions: You can track your orders in your account from the time you place it through the completion. The status definitions we use are listed below.

Received: Your online order has been received and we will pre-flight (Check your art files) to make sure they are print ready and set up correctly. When a proof is ready you will get an email notification. 

Awaiting Artwork: This is a reminder notice that we have received your order but are awaiting your submission of your art work.

Pre-Flight Artwork: This means that our production department has received your artwork/files and is in ther midst of checking them to make sure they are print ready and set up correctly. When a proof is ready you will get an email notification. If there is an issue you will be notified with clear instructions.

Awaiting Proof Approval: This means your artwork/files that you submitted have passed our production requirments and a proof of your project has been posted for your approval. At this point you will be required to log in to your order, preview your art and if they are to your liking please click on the GREEN approved buttons. NOTE: WE NEVER PRINT YOU ART WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL.

Approved: Your order is approved to print. At this point no changes can be made on your order and your turnaround schedule begins based on your approval time stamp.

Batch Imposition: You order has been assigned batched to a form and is set up in a digital document ready for press plates.

Plated: Printing plates that will be used on ours printing presses on your order have been processed.

Printing: Your order is printing.

Finishing: Your order is printed and is now in our finishing department. This department does a variety of services like adding UV finish, perforating, scoring, folding and trimming besides other functions.

Bindery: Your order is now in our bindery department. All services such as scoring, folding, gluing, trimming and any other custom process occurs in this stage.

Mailing Services / Addressing: When using us for addressing and mailing your data/list takes a few crucial steps before we actually address your products. We dedupe, presort, run and NCOA (National Change of Address) Cass certify all data first. Once that process is complete we them address and bundle your order in preparation for delivery to the USPS.

Shipping: Your order is now completed, and it in now being boxed, labeled and will be shipped/mailed shortly on our next UPS/USPS pallet pick up.

Complete: This indicates the completion of all aspects of your order. At this point an automatic email will be sent out to you with a UPS tracking number. All of order information including the UPS tracking number will store in your account section in Completed Order. 

Quality Control Reprint: All of our orders are required to pass through our Quality Control (QC) department before shipping/mailing. If for any reason you order fails this check we will reprint the order on the next possible run.

Canceled: You order has been canceled for some reason.

Proof Rejected: This occurs when you see an issue with a posted proof. You have the ability to reject the proof and upload new files at your convenience. NOTE: WE NEVER PRINT YOU ART WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL.

Issue with your art: This means the files you submitted were not up to our standard to produce a quality product. Some issues may be: Low resolution, spot or RGB colors (we require CMYK), no bleed, text or logos not with in the safety area.

One Side Approved Only: One side approved on a 2 sided product.

Art Reminder: We are awaiting submission of your art.

Still Awaiting Proof / Approval: Proofs have been posted and this is a 2nd or more notice that the proofs are ready for your approval.

On Hold: You order is placed on Hold.