5 Reasons To Invest In Coroplast or Economy Yard Signs

For small business owners, every dollar counts which is why you want to spend your marketing budget in ways that promote the most return on your investment. One of the cheapest ways to advertise locally is with the use of yard signs. Using this type of marketing strategy, you can design and place them based on the demographic that you want to attract. Here are five reasons to invest in coroplast and economy yard signs.


  1. Smartest Way For Local Business’s To Advertise

Did you know that more than half of new customers cite signs as the reason for visiting a store? Another one in three consumers cited word-of-mouth as the reason for choosing a product or service. The statistics validate the use of signage as a valuable marketing tool.

  • Example: If you own a lawn care business, a yard sign displayed on perfectly manicured lawns throughout the city would speak louder than an online ad.


  1. An Affordable Way To Market A Product or Service

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, about 50% of consumers depend on signs to learn about local companies. It costs only a few dollars for a sign, but it can potentially attract thousands of new customers. The potential to turn even a tenth of that traffic into sales shows the value of signage over other advertising availability.

ROI Example: You spend 32.80 on 10 yard signs. Each sign brings in $200 in sales.

(Sign $3.28 + Expenses $20.00 = $23.28 Total Net= $176.72)


You will net 7.59 times more than your original investment.


  1. Signs Do Not Require Much Maintenance

If you have a limited number of employees, you know that time can be problematic. Yard signs do not require much support which means you can set them and check, clean, and reposition them when necessary.


  1. You Can Order Different Sizes And Designs

The right size and design will attract customers. Research also found that 35% of traffic would not know a business existed without signs. You might be surprised to learn that people do not realize they need your product or service until they see what you offer.


  1. Flexible Location Placement

Experts cite ROI of 8.9% when businesses use at least two signs to direct traffic. With more than 85% of your potential base within five miles of your business, it makes sense to spend time and energy placing signs in locations that directly attract local consumers.

Should I Buy Coroplast Or Economy Yard Signs?

  • We make Coroplast signs from corrugated plastic which is weather resistant. They are also durable because of their long-lasting usage both indoor and outdoors. You can order coroplast signs in single or double-sided color and a variety of sizes which is beneficial for two-way traffic and passersby. 
  • Our economy yard signs come in full-color 24pt cover stock which is available in 22"x 28" sizing. With the polyethylene coating, it is also durable which will be ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • U-frames are also available for both coroplast and economy yard sign fittings. They make it easy to change your marketing campaign material when needed.

With facilities in the U.S. and Canada, we will ship your order within one day of placement. You can place your order online, or you can contact us by phone at (800) 986-2459 for assistance.    

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