Ways That Brown Kraft Products Will Benefit Your Business

Are you looking for alternative resources that elevate your business’s practice and procedures? Kraft Brown is a unique way to get noticed, but it is also a highly efficient product that enhances your workplace because of its durability. It is widely used commercially from paper bags to industrial packaging, but PostcardsRus also uses the Kraft process to make business cards, hang tags, postcards, rack cards, and card sheets. Here are creative ways that Brown Kraft products will help you differentiate your business from your competitors.

What Is The Kraft Process?
In 1879, Carl F. Dahl invented the process known as Kraft. The name derives from the German word for strength which is one of the most significant benefits of choosing Kraft products. The process to make Kraft products helps to explain its attractiveness to companies as it develops from wood chips that are typically by-products from sawmills. The wood chips then become pulp fibers. The technique produces paper or cardboard from chemical pulp that is tear-resistant and durable which is the result of the removal of lignin from the wood. The level of the lignin defines the color which can be brown or white depending on how much remains after processing.   

What Are The Benefits Of Brown Kraft Products?

PostcardsRus uses light brown Kraft paper that has the presence of wood chip flecks and fibers which produces a natural, organic look that consumers prefer. 

  1. Kraft products are known for their exceptional quality, and the unique processing produces a brown aesthetic that creates a rustic feel.
  2. Changing your materials allows you to target a new customer base.
  3. Because of the lack of a shiny coating, it is an ideal way to handwrite messages to clients which allows you to personalize and build a relationship. 

PostcardsRus Kraft Brown products include:

Business Cards (Kraft Brown): Customers are different and so are their tastes. Having a separate business card for businesses can enhance marketing abilities. The natural look will attract consumers who prefer simplicity.  

Hang Tags (Kraft Brown): Hang tags are useful for many business functions. Businesses use them for clothing labels and for pricing information which directly contributes to sales.

Postcards (Kraft Brown): Because of the biological make-up of the production of Kraft paper, it is the ideal product to connect with nature. Beautiful scenery and Kraft paper and postcards enable you to promote your business organically.

Rack Cards (Kraft Brown): This type of product is ideal for a variety of industries that provide product or service information to consumers. Whether for data or marketing material like bookmarks or brochures, Kraft Brown rack cards offer the right balance for any campaign.

Card Sheets (Kraft Brown): From marketing to standard business practices, these 8.5x11, 9x12, or 11x17 card sheets provide an ideal answer to a multitude of needs including product enhancement and packaging. The availability of various paper sizes makes it easier to perform different activities.

If you would like more information on the Kraft Brown process, visit our product and service page or FAQ for additional information. Feel free to contact us directly so that we can assist you further with Kraft Brown including product use or design concept.   


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