How to Design Foam Board Posters For Your Next Event

When you hear the phrase foam board poster, your first response might be to think back on your teenage years when you had to give presentations in front of classmates. While the younger you made the boards to help you remember critical details, the business professional in you knows that they are highly useful public speaking tools that educate and inform. A well-designed poster is the first thing people notice when you give presentations because visual content speaks louder than words. This article will teach you how to design foam board posters for your next event.


  1. Analyze Your Audience

A critical element to take into consideration is the audience you are creating a presentation. Identifying demographics like age, language, gender, or culture help you understand the type of features your foam board poster needs to include.

  • An analysis will also help you identify ways to relate to them and build a relationship based on your marketing objectives.
  • Foam board posters also help you inform because of the timeframe you must present. As your audience members are typically unable to engage, it allows you to feed essential information based on your analysis of their needs.


  1. Make Your Posters Aesthetically Pleasing

A color palette is all about getting your audience’s attention. What one audience member subjectively feels based on your chosen color palette, another might react negatively because of personal preferences.

  • Aesthetics will significantly enhance your next presentation, so take the time to think about color theory and mood differentials.  
  • When you carefully select the shades and hues that represent your audience, messaging, and response, you will feel more confident about your engagement.


  1. Choose A Design And Layout That Demands Attention

Your design concept is vital. There are different layouts that you should consider based on the type of event you are engaging. The first type of foam board poster you need is one that relays company information. You want to display the title of your presentation, your company name, date and location of the event, and company contact information to inform potential attendees.

  • Choose a well-thought-out image as the backdrop of your poster so that it will highlight the information rather than the underlying imagery. This type of sign is best used outside of the venue to announce a future event.
  • Next, you should make posters to utilize within an event that details information. This type of material will enhance your speaking engagement because of the ability to focus on fundamental concepts of your speaking engagement.


  1. Grade Your Information Based On Importance

If you have much information to relay, it is best to utilize several posters that specify different aspects of your demonstration. You need to grade your data based on its value.

  • Go through your text and identify your primary objectives.
  • Only include need-to-know details so that you do not overwhelm your audience with useless information.

With a design and as little as $1.50 for the cost of a foam board print, it makes a successful event well-worth the investment. If you lack a design concept or need professional editing services on a favorite marketing image, our design and imaging experts at PostcardsRus can assist you with that as well.


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