7 Marketing Essentials That All Businesses Need

Budget is always an issue when deciding on what supplies to order for your business. You want to have what you need, but you also do not want to have products sitting on the shelf unused. It ends up being a waste of revenue that you could have invested in other ventures. Here are seven marketing essentials that all businesses need to boost sales and engagement.


For Your Business

A visually-appealing store will boost sales which is why you should invest in products that appeal to your consumer base.  According to research, consumers process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Here are three must-haves for your business.


  1. Window Clings

One of the best ways to attract customers is to use window clings to market to customers both inside and out. They are ideal for product endorsement or to market to specific demographics. Whether your store is a trendy boutique or a local service provider, you will want to create images that target your clientele.


  1. Banners and Banner Stands

Banner and banner stands are ideal when you need to do marketing demonstrations. You can engage in marketing campaigns in your store, or you can easily transport them to secondary locations like local community events, street fairs, or festivals.


  1. Office and Marketing Supplies

Every business needs letterhead, envelopes, and forms to engage with companies and clients. Take the time to think about your business activities and make a list of the things that are most relevant. You do not want to wait until you need them to realize you do not have them.


For Your Car

According to a study by the American Trucking Association, nine out of ten drivers notice car signage, and 75% develop their impression of a company based solely on its design concept.


  1. Car Magnets

For small businesses that do not have a marketing budget like their competitors, car magnets are a great equalizer when it comes to advertising.


For Your Sales Team

Selling is more than just fancy jargon. Sales teams need business cards and product promotion just to get in the door. A well-balanced presentation, however, will seal a deal which is what all businesses hope to achieve.


  1. High-Quality Business Cards

A primary benefit of having business cards is sales. According to Adobe, the ROI on every 2000 business cards you hand out is 2.5% in revenue. A high-quality business card also infers to clients that your product or service will have the same characteristics because of your attention to detail.


  1. Brochures or Catalogs

Potential clients want to see what your business offers, so you will benefit significantly from a brochure or catalog that defines your business concept. Your layout should include high-definition imagery and short descriptions which will boost sales.


  1. Promo Products

Customers love freebies which is a great way to boost sales while also marketing the business. Investing in bookmarks, buttons, coasters, mugs, or magnets is the perfect way to enhance marketing campaigns while also engaging with your customers.

Whether you are a new start-up or a business that needs to adjust your marketing campaign, PostcardsRus will design and print the supplies that you need to help your business grow.

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