7 Reasons To Use Adhesive Backed Products In Your Business

For customers looking to develop alternative marketing strategies to local SEO, adhesive backed products provide the perfect solution for both business owners and non-business-related entities. Here are seven reasons to use adhesive backed products in your business marketing campaigns.


1. Size and Shape Customization

With all of the various shapes and sizes of company logos and mascots, adhesive vinyl and film are the ideal products to choose when developing car window or glass door displays. With a maximum of 52" high and 159' wide, it allows business owners to showcase their most popular products and services.


2. Cost-Effective

Advertising today is expensive. For local business owners, it is a highly effective strategy that contributes to a higher return on your investment. Moreover, the materials are quality made, so they provide a long-lasting advertisement for a business or self-employed person.


3. Accessibility Of Full Color Front Side / Blank Side Availability

To create a vibrant display, the use of color is a necessity since it will quickly catch the attention of customers. Full-color vinyl prints reproduce high-quality products, so it will also produce beautiful marketing material.


4. The professionalism of Gloss Or Matte Laminate

Gloss laminate is a shinier, visually appealing aesthetic that brings out sharper colors and definition. Matte laminate on paper or film produces a lower luster finish. A laminate with a matte finish reduces glare while a glossy finish maximizes it which produces professional products.


5. Easy To Apply


Applying adhesive graphics is easy to accomplish even for a novice. The adhesive-supported products stick to any form of glass or signage. Clean the surface and apply the graphic using a squeegee to ensure a secure application free of air bubbles. You can also choose between permanent and removable adhesives which further allows for flexibility.


6. Beneficial For Advertising Campaigns

According to research, one additional on-site sign contributes to 4.75% increase in revenue, and as many as 68% of consumers make purchases after seeing an advertising sign. With the number of people who window shop or drive around town, a business entity has a higher marketing potential to reach thousands of customers daily.


7. Works On Interior Or Exterior Windows, Glass Doors, And Displays

Vinyl adhesives can be used both inside and outside of glass windows, so it is a versatile benefit to the interior and exterior displays. It also creates the opportunity to market to patrons in different ways.

PostcardsRus’s product availability includes:

  • Adhesive Vinyl (4mil High Tack): This product has a white film with a clear permanent adhesive back. It is ideal for both interior and exterior use and flat surfaces.
  • Adhesive Vinyl (Low High Tack): This product is also a white film that has a clear relocatable back. It can also be used on flat surfaces both inside and out.
  • Perforated Window Vinyl: This product contains a clear acrylic backing that is removable. It is ideal for both store window displays or flat car windows.
  • 3M IJ35C Adhesive Film: This vinyl film, available in gloss or matte laminate, has a permanent that is ideal for a more natural application process free that is pressure-sensitive that, once applied, is air bubble free.

The versatility of these products provides a benefit to both brick-and-mortar and in-transit advertising. This type of product investment is efficient at it has a high probability of increasing sales. It also helps you get your name out there for customers looking for specific product or services.  


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