5 Flyer Advertising Advantages

Throughout history, societies used a variety of techniques to communicate with one another. Printing materials also changed from stone, clay, papyrus, bamboo, wood, silk, parchment, and paper. Until the invention of the printing press in 1439 by Johannes Gutenberg, the process was expensive which limited access to the wealthy who typically could read and write.

His method produced cheaper printed content because of the efficiency of typesetting practices which expanded the print trade which raised literacy rates considerably. The necessity for documentation, news, advertising, and literature contributed to the printing industry’s success which was done primarily on single sheets of paper and circulated by hand.

Printers today make leaflets, handbills, pamphlets, and flyers which are ideal when you want to market to a local community. It is perfect for announcements, product and service knowledge, or local projects that persuade or inform consumers. Here are five flyer advertising advantages to choosing this form of advertising over any other.

  1. Costs Less To Use Flyers Than Other Advertising Methods

Flyers are inexpensive. They are also available in different sizes and designs. Club flyers begin as low as $22.00 for 100 prints which means that businesses can advertise for events without having to spend a lot on marketing. For full page product and service advertising, prices begin as low as $44.80 and capable of printing for broader markets. 

  1. Local Face-To-Face Advertising

Unlike internet campaigns, you have an opportunity to personalize the experience and speak to consumers directly. There is also a higher probability of marketing to more people locally than SEO which depends on search engine algorithms for consumers to find you. When businesses hand out flyers, you locate the consumers without having to create content with specified keywords.

  1. You Can Design and Create Unique “Local” Flyers

With the use of digital technology, you can design high-quality flyers that help your company stand out while not breaking your budget to achieve it. You can print on both sides or a variety of colors which will elevate your flyer to the next level. They are also easy to produce which means that you do not have to invest time in creating the products.

  1. Offers Businesses an Alternative To Online SEO Marketing

Many businesses weigh the benefits of online and offline marketing. In 2017, SEO led the way in advertising because of Google’s algorithm change. Companies then spent a lot of time and money trying to rank on the search engine results page (SERP). The formula is always changing, so that means businesses must budget for adaptability. In 2018, the average digital budget is $75,000. Flyers ensure consumer contact because your company is the one distributing them directly which is not a guarantee with online technology marketing campaigns.

  1. Can Include Incentive To Measure ROI Of Offline Marketing

Measuring ROI is vital because you need to know if your distribution works, the demographics of who responds, and what call-to-action attracts them. Incentives provide a variety of ways to measure ROI. You can offer a free product coupon or use a landing page that gives consumers upgrades for relevant information. Likewise, you can ask customers to bring the flyers into a brick-and-mortar store as well. 

This year, businesses are investing in alternative B2C marketing strategies. There is no better way than with flyers because they are affordable and provide direct advertising to consumers.


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