How EDDM Can Boost Sales and Local SEO Ranking

There is a belief that digital marketing campaigns occur solely online. Without an experienced digital marketer, though, it seems impossible to compete in getting a high search engine ranking. Research shows that consumers only pay attention to the first page of a search which is the very reason why quality companies lack an online presence. About 50% of these consumers convert to sales on the same day. If you are trying to increase sales and improve SEO, perhaps it is time for you to change tactics in how you use digital technology.

Businesses must think strategically when it comes to marketing by engaging consumers with a blend of SEO and geospatial campaigns like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) which offers three direct benefits.

  1. You reach new consumers without depending on the internet to attract them.
  2. EDDM enables you to refocus your Local SEO by targeting audiences as a secondary benefit to provide incentives that improve SERP rankings.
  3. You can use EDDM to engage with your target audience to promote a sales landing page or a blog that uses persuasive copywriting to convert traffic into sales.

Why is this important? According to Hubspot, 60% of all brick and mortar consumers search for information about a local product or service before visiting. How do you gain loyal customers if no one knows you exist? EDDM is the most affordable and accessible digital method available today which uses alternative data collection to give businesses insight into revenue potential.

Having access to alternative datasets provide an advantage over competitors. USPS is one of only a few organizations that have the capabilities to mine data from the internet. Based on online searches, they know who is searching, why, and of course, they deliver your mail and know where to find the consumers. It is an ingenious marketing concept that levels the playing field because it does not depend on search engine ranking.

Using the USPS’s EDDM service provides businesses with three advantages:

  1. Companies have access to mailing lists whereas enterprises must pay for them.
  2. Their program helps locate new consumers by targeting a location near a brick and mortar store.
  3. Their program reduces marketing expenses as opposed to standard mailer campaigns.

You can see how this type of campaign can quickly become an effective strategy.

  • You have chosen EDDM.
  • You have identified the USPS website’s ability to mine for alternative data.
  • Now you just need to choose your printing service which is where PostCardsRus steps in to solve the last remaining issue to boost sales and local SEO.

Did you know that businesses pay about six dollars online to attract one new consumer? If you are not global, it does not make much sense because there is no revenue incentive. Now, let’s compare PostCardsRus’s affordable options which include EDDM Full Service and EDDM Print and Ship which starts as low as $88.00. The USPS rates begin at .15 per postcard mailer. Instead of paying thousands, you can outsmart the internet by being one of the few who has ventured into alternative data collection without the price tag attached to it. PostcardsRus has the infrastructure to help local businesses do what seems impossible online: boost sales and improve local SEO.

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