The Benefits of Having a High-Quality Business Card

In the age of digital globalization, business leaders rely on the online arena to learn about competition, send and receive emails, or buy and sale. With more than 500 million LinkedIn users, though, it is almost impossible to navigate the online community to build the personal relationships that matter most in business. Smartphones are intelligent, but they cannot establish trustworthiness. People enjoy doing that best through the face-to-face exchange of information. Technology can replace much, but the value of a high-quality, unique, personalized business card is not one of them.

For some time now, a struggle has ensued between the online and brick-and-mortar enterprises. While online marketing is a viable resource, most business interactions take place locally because consumers want to be involved in the process. Retail statistics estimate that 83% of sales will take place in brick-and-mortar stores in 2018. Of those customers who do make online purchases, more than half say they would prefer to shop in a store if available. Because customers want the ability to choose products and services in person, business cards are just as critical to revenue and growth as they ever were.

Benefit 1: Business cards instantaneously forge bonds.

A person’s online presence can be anonymous when trying to network. When people exchange business cards during direct points of contact, others measure your value in real time. Individualizing your business cards set you apart from others which instantaneously elevates your potential to those who need the services. 

Benefit 2: First impressions are everything in business.

Technology limits a person’s ability to develop relationships other than the persona one creates for online marketing. There is no “one business card fits all” theory. Business cards, therefore, should represent each person individually with representations of your best business qualities. While you might wear jeans and a t-shirt to work, consider your business card your formal attire that makes a great first impression.

Benefit 3: A uniquely designed business card represents the real you!

Unique business cards offer insight into your potential for an ROI. When designing a business card as a tool to network your brand and market your abilities, it is critical that you use your best character traits as a business concept. An email identity tells little about who you are, but a business card identifies to fellow professionals your brand name and value in the industry you work. You also use business cards for revenue potential when you meet customers. Moreover, you can hand out your cards to grow either your brick-and-mortar locations or your online presence.

Recommendations for a Bold First Impression

If you are looking for ways that can help you make a memorable first impression, take a look at the benefits of our newest line of customized silk business cards. Silk laminated cards represent exclusivity, prestige, and excellence. Adding a splash of color using a foil stamped technique allows you to personalize your business cards with class and style. If silk does not define your vision for success, let introduce you to other quality designs that will speak for you!

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