7 Ways to Use Postcards to Market Your Business

It is a never-ending cycle for business owners to find innovative ways to attract customers. If you have done your homework on Local SEO strategies, you know that marketing to a geo-specific region requires much more than online ranking and anchor texts. Postcards allow business owners the opportunity to think innovatively to convert traffic into sales. Moreover, they personalize the experience, and a handwritten note can do much to build lasting relationships.

7 Ways to Use Postcards to Market Your Business

1.     Advertising: Many people rely on emails to reach their customer base, but very few people read them because they arrive by the dozens. Postcards are ideal for letting customers know about new services or products. Establishing a regular postcard mailout system that highlights exciting changes will not only bring in old customers but attract new ones as well.

2.     New Customer Business Goals: If you want to entice new customers, you might use local SEO strategies to branch out into new zip codes. If you are offering unfamiliar services or products, a new customer discount postcard might be an ideal way to attract a fresh consumer market. Handwritten notes provide a personalized outlet to reach them!

3.     Discounts and Special Offers: Often, companies offer discounts, sales, or special offers that postcards remind inactive customers about. Sending out cards for BOGO, discount coupons, clearance bargains, or hard-to-beat deals provide a way to get rid of dated inventory while also boosting sales.

4.     Event Reminders:  Emails and social media announcements are impersonal, but a vibrant postcard can serve as a marketing technique that reminds your customers about upcoming appointments, special occasions, or invitation-only events. Your client list is a valuable tool that provides you with a lot of data that generates leads. On one side, a striking image is useful for branding. The reverse side can determine business goals and objectives, So, think about what is most important at the moment, and keep it simple!

5.     Consumer Loyalty Initiatives to Boost Sales: The best way to ensure that customers return is to market your trustworthy reputation. Customers who receive a great product, excellent customer service, and enjoyable experiences will want to be loyal patrons. Sending out postcards to loyal customers lets them know you appreciate their business.

6.     Greeting Postcards: Whether it is a holiday, a birthday, or just because it is Wednesday, greeting postcards allow you to use special occasions to convert into sales leads. Designing the front of your card with an updated store image or a particular aisle display enables customers to see the changes instead of having to write about them. If you have favorite photos, you can upload them directly to PostcardsRus, or you can create a design all your own by using our templates. Do not forget to include customized keywords, social media information, or blog URLs to further get a financial return on your postcard investment.

7.     Incentives: What better way to boost sales than to provide a benefit for visiting your shop? A free product or service enables customers to try your business out. First impressions are everything, so make sure that you make your postcard ROI count!

Postcards are trendy, visually appealing, and friendly which consumers are currently missing in the market! If businesses take note of favorite online marketing techniques and use them innovatively, sales will improve exponentially. Most importantly, if you want your customers to feel distinguished, send out a postcard or two to let them know you are thinking about them.

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