What Your Business Accomplishes with EDDM Service

Every Door Direct Mail Service offers businesses an effective way to market to neighborhoods and communities in the direct area of a business. By sending postcards to customer homes, companies are able to elicit a favorable response through specifically worded calls to action. A large amount of mail can be sent by the company daily without a mailing permit, making the service a valuable option for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some of the things businesses accomplish when they use EDDM service:

·      They establish an account with USPS which provides them with access to helpful tools that help their direct mail marketing campaigns. By going to the United States Postal Service’s website, business owners are able to do three things specifically related to EDDM. First, they’re able to select routes based on physical address, city, state, and zip code. Next, they’re able to choose vendors like Postcards R Us to work with. The final option is to learn more about EDDM service. Information about how to prepare mail bundles and submit a processing form is included on the USPS website.

·      They get to creatively express the nature of their business through attractive artwork and design services. Even oversized postcards are accepted by the USPS. That gives businesses plenty of room for creativity when it comes to designing their next piece of direct mail. Designers are available to handle the task of creating a successful postcard design if the business does not have one of their own available for use.

·      They get to hone in on their target audience, introduce themselves, and provide specific information as to why their companies are needed and valuable. This is especially important in newly developed areas of a city. Neighborhoods with new residences commonly seek business they can rely on. EDDM answers the questions of “Who?” “What?” “When?” “Where?” and “Why?”. The mapping tool offered by the USPS makes it easy to determine which areas of the city to target.

·      They are able to choose the estimated date of arrival which helps drive sales during specific times of the year. Each piece of direct mail has a specific purpose. Many times, it features a time sensitive offer which was created to drive sales during a specific period of time. Companies wanting to see a boost of income in a short timeframe find that EDDM gives them the flexibility to test new ideas and offers.

Postcards R Us offers two types of EDDM services. The first is Full Service which includes print and mail. There is also a print and ship option for EDDM. To discuss the right service for your company, contact us for additional information.

EDDM service is among the wisest investments companies make. It allows you to extend your range of product and service offerings by reaching neighborhoods and cities you wouldn’t be able to reach easily through other forms of marketing. It allows you to create time-sensitive offers that boost sales and help get the word out about your business. A successful EDDM campaign uses fantastic design skills to evoke emotion and create a call to action that is hard for customers to resist.

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