Five Effective Ways to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

Your business card is an exceptionally important promotional material that needs to be outstanding in appearance to be effective. It’s not enough to jot your phone number or email address onto a slip of paper to give to someone. You need a card that stands out in their mind and gets them to contact you whenever they want assistance.

You want one that is durable and long lasting. It should identify the nature of your business, your role, and ways to stay in touch with you. A well-designed business card serves as a reminder as to why your business is valuable to others.

Here are five effective ways to make your business cards stand out:


1.    With metallic ink. One of the hottest trends right now is metallic lettering. Make your business name pronounced on the cards you hand out to customers and other businesses. People tend to be visually attracted to things that are different than they’re used to seeing. Metallic ink is one element of design that delivers favorable results time and time again.

2.    By making them plastic. What could be more permanent than plastic? If you’re concerned that your business card won’t live to see the light of another day, do something about it! Make something that is usually impermanent long-lasting by electing to have it made out of plastic. Flexible and durable, it’s the right solution for many businesses’ needs.

3.    Electing to have them made out of soft suede. This type of material is soft to the touch. It’s memorable and strong. You can order different quantities of any business card that you select, making it convenient to them out wherever you go.

4.    Selecting a thick edge that is painted. If you want a card that has a more artistic look without sacrificing the quality and durability of it, choose this option. Elect to have full color printing on both sides or on one side. It’s up to you what you feel will look best.

5.    Having them foil stamped and laminated. Made of silk, this is one of the newest options businesses have to choose from. A foil stamp helps create shine and give areas of the card emphasis. Lamination ensures that the ink doesn’t fade over time. The business card you hand out will last for the long haul thanks to the decision you make concerning the materials it is made out of.


A modern business card says so much about you and the type of business that you operate. Make the wording and imagery count. Choose the style of card that stands out in a crowd. You don’t want your card getting washed in the pocket of the person that you’ve given it to or fading over time, either.


After all, how else will someone reach you when they need to contact you about the products or services you provide? Your business card could make a distinct difference in their lives by providing them with a product or service that could simplify a complicated task, narrow generational gaps, speed up productivity or provide much-needed entertainment. It’s a valuable tool for any sized business to use regularly.

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