What the Heck is a Vignette?

So, you may be wondering, “What the heck is a vignette?” It’s a legitimate question that deserves exploration. If you’ve heard of a vignette but never saw one in person or knew what they were used for, it could be very difficult to know why you need this type of detail on the printed materials you order.

A vignette serves as a frame around an image. It adds to the overall design by offering a contrasting pattern or color. It also creates an optical illusion that helps push the image inside of it forward. In books, it’s a way to make flat designs appear three-dimensional and interesting.

In photography, it is a way to reduce the brightness or saturation of an image at its periphery. The central part of the image is bright while the area surrounding it creates a shadow-like effect.  This process is one that is often used in graphic design because it adds a level of uniqueness to a piece.

It’s easy to emphasize a specific area of a photo or to relay a type of mood to an audience with a vignette. Applying the effect in Photoshop allows the designer to direct the viewer’s eyes to a specific area of a postcard, brochure or poster.  When a person first looks at the printed material, they are instantly drawn to the brightest area of the design.

If a vignette is done well, it looks natural. If overdone, it looks contrived and unconvincing. People view it as trying too hard and are less likely to respond to the call of action that you’ve carefully crafted for your business. For marketing purposes, it’s always important to remember that less is more.

It’s better to have a simplified design done expertly than a complex design done hurriedly. People respond to what is familiar and comfortable for them. That’s why it’s important to make careful deliberations as to the size, shape, and placement of the images you use on your printed materials as these things contribute to the overall effectiveness of the piece.

Without spending a lot of money on premium printing options, there are ways to make your printed materials standout. Great design makes good use of options such as vignettes. The optical illusion is what, when done well, can captivate its audience and encourage them to act right away.

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Call us with any questions you might have concerning vignettes. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry by addressing your inquiry and providing you with valuable solutions that help you achieve your unique business goals. That way you’re 100% confident that you’ve chosen the right design element to meet your needs.

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