5 Things You Should Know About Full Service EDDMs

To fully understand how a product or service benefits you and your business, you must first know what it is capable of doing. So is the case with Full Service EDDM (Full Service Every Door Direct Mail). The more you know about the service, the better able you are to use it to its fullest potential as an effective marketing tool.

Every Door Direct Mail and Why It Benefits Businesses

First things first. Do you even know what Every Door Direct Mail is? It’s the postcards that come to your mailbox or what is left in your door from area businesses advertising products and services or offering a significant discount. The mailings are consistent from residence to residence and commercial space to commercial space. They vary in size and contain valuable information about the companies that choose to send them.

Why Choose Our Full Service EDDM Mailings Option?

As a tool, there are many things Full Service EDDM mailings can do for you. We wanted to explore a few to get you started. That way, you can see value in the service and sign up for it yourself.

Here are five things you should know about Full Service EDDMs:

1.    It’s an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. At just 17.6 cents and less per piece, the more postcards you send, the more you save on postage costs. If you use our services regularly, it can amount to significant savings yearly.

2.    You get the message across effectively. Thanks to our designers, you don’t need to have a design completed to benefit from our service because they’ll create one for you that catches people’s eyes and gets them to spring into action.

3.    Every postcard size offered by us meets US Post Office requirements. It doesn’t matter if you have artwork on hand or have us create it for you because you’ll get the right-sized postcard that makes a visual impact on those who see it.

4.    Skip buying mailing lists because the mapping tool makes plotting routes easy. Doing things in the most efficient manner as possible is profitable because it frees up time and resources to do other things. It is no different with planning who to send your mailings to. You use a mapping tool to select the mailing route of your choice.

5.    Determine which date of delivery is best. With time-sensitive offers, you don’t have a minute to lose. With Full Service EDDM mailings, you pick when you want your mailings delivered. That way, people have the longest window available to act on your offer.

Now that you know more about Full Service EDDMs, you can make an informed decision when purchasing the service. You’ll know what to expect from Postcards R Us, and you’ll have a better opportunity to advertise to a larger audience with less effort. You’ll increase the number of customers you have by broadening your outreach by making sure that every door in a neighborhood has one of your informative or sales-related postcards on it.

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