EDDM as a Corporate Solution

Imagine getting your business advertising in front of a larger market. What would it take? How much time would you need to give up to make it happen?

With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), you’ve had options that help you appeal to a wider audience effectively and affordably. You don’t even have to acquire mailing lists like you did in the past because PostcardsRUs offers our customers a timesaving mapping tool that allows you to target specific areas of a city.

What Does Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Mean?

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is an effective advertising solution that puts printed advertisements into the mailboxes of every residence in a mapped area. It ensures that a wider audience has access to information about your corporation. It’s a way to announce special events and offer discounts to customers.

What Solutions Do I Have to Choose from with EDDM?

There are two solutions to choose from. They are EDDM Full Service (Print & Mail) and EDDM (Print & Ship Only). Each has its own list of benefits as highlighted below. Corporations are able to compare the two services to determine which is the better option for them.

Benefits of EDDM for Corporations

The benefits of EDDM Full Service are:

·      Fast Delivery. Time is of the essence, especially when advertising deals and offering discounts.

·      Multiple-Sized Cards Available with Oversized Cards Permitted. Make your message stand out in a way that people can’t resist reacting to.

·      Low Postage Costs. Keep expenses lower and profit margins higher.

·      Pinpoint the Perfect Routes for Delivery. Choose where you want the cards delivered and when with our handy mapping tool.

·      Upload Your Own Artwork. Take the spectacular design that you came up with an apply it to the cards by including a file with your order.

Full service applies to print and mail.

The benefits of EDDM are:

·      Low Minimum of 200 Mail Pieces. You can create a campaign that fits your needs and target audience.

·      Your Corporation Has the USPS Set Up and Deliver the EDDM Cards. Everything is handled locally so you know what is going on and when.

·      We Offer Sizes and Stocks That Fit the Guidelines Set by the USPS. Your cards are exactly what the postal service allows so there are no delays in delivering them.

·      Fast Turnaround Times. Set up the timeframe that works best for your direct mail advertising campaign, so you see instant results.

This service applies to print and ship only.

The Perfect Solution for Corporations

Rather than rely on other forms of print and digital advertising alone, many corporations opt to add EDDM as a corporate solution to their marketing plan. If this is something that your company is considering, contact PostCardsRUs for more information and to request a quote.

Putting the power of Every Door Direct Mail into your own hands is one of the wisest decisions your corporation will make this year. Ramping up your advertising budget is easy when you know how to get a greater return on your investment. When customers respond to the cards you’ve mailed, you know that your marketing tactics are working.

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