4 Marketing Materials All Small Businesses Should Use

Small business marketing doesn’t have to be a challenge. It’s all about working with the scale of your operation and thinking about personal ways to connect and promote. These four direct marketing material categories should be in the marketing mix of any small business, regardless of the specific industry or service you’re in.


Direct-mail postcards allow you to announce an event such as a sale, remind clients to make appointments or send holiday and birthday greetings. Overall, this is an extremely personal marketing material that facilitates different marketing strategies, including promotional techniques involving limited-time offers that treat the postcard itself as a coupon that must be redeemed in store. In these cases, direct marketing can be more effective than digital because a postcard can be pinned to a refrigerator or left on a countertop for later notice, while a social media advertisement might get some notice but end up quickly forgotten.


Business Cards
Yes, business cards are an important part of marketing. Networking is essential for small business owners. You may not have the advertising budget of a major multinational corporation, but you do have the ability to hit the streets, shake some hands and leave a lasting good impression on people who can drive business your way. The best way to make sure that business actually reaches you? Leave a clear business card to accompany your good impression. Make your card both informative and memorable so you can get the leads you deserve from your networking efforts.


Buttons and Magnets
Buttons and magnets aren’t necessarily the most far-reaching marketing materials, but they are quite effective for branding and spreading the word about your products or services by prompting word-of-mouth recommendations. One of the best things about buttons and magnets is that these kinds of small items are easy to display up by a cash register or check-in desk, which instantly makes them appealing to customers caught in an idle moment. During this short period of time, your valued customers could grab a button or magnet (or both) to take home with them and put on their fridge or pin to a bag. Just like that, you’ve given a customer a little treat and allowed them to spread your business name far and wide.


Banners and Signs
If you have a physical retail space or an office that you want customers to find and visit, you’ve got to make your presence known. Carefully designed and intelligently placed banners and signs can help make this task a lot easier. For example, if your current business location is a bit off the beaten path, use a lawn sign to point visitors in the right direction. 

These and other marketing materials are available in the highest quality from Postcards R Us. Getting the right materials is important for ensuring your marketing campaigns succeed. You want to send the right message about your business with your marketing materials, so don’t skimp on quality. 

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