7 Fun Ways to Design Your Holiday Card This Year

Make your business holiday card stand out this year with these fun strategies. After you brainstorm, browse our greeting and holiday card offerings to bring your ideas to life.


1. Create an Infographic
Was this a banner year for your business? Holiday cards and end-of-year updates go hand in hand. Why not create an infographic to print on the front of your card, where pie charts in the shape of wreaths or tree ornaments representing data points keep things festive while allowing you to brag on yourself a bit.


2. Show off Your Team
Your holiday card offers an excellent opportunity to humanize your business and help your entire team feel included in branding. Whether you take a group photo or have everyone contribute a little sketch along with their signature, make sure all of your employees and colleagues or partners are represented.


3. Use Metallic Accents
Detail helps make some cards catch the eye better than others, and there’s no more eye-catching detail than embossing and foil accents. Texture and flashes of light-reflecting gold or silver can really make your card shine in both the literal and figurative sense. Use the metallics to highlight something important like the name of your business.


4. Include an Incentive
Holiday cards can double as coupons that entice customers and clients to come back. Depending on your industry, this may not be ethically allowable. If you’re under no such constraints, though, offer something good to bring in more business this holiday season!


5. Stick It
Traditional holiday cards often find their way into the trash when the holiday season is over. Keep your business on your clients’ minds by sending a magnet instead of or in addition to a paper card. The magnet will probably go on a refrigerator or filing cabinet where it will stay within sight and keep your business on their minds throughout the year.


6. Get Techy
QR codes and other scannable digital information helps bridge the gap between print and digital. Include a code on your card so recipients can navigate to a promotion on your website or some other online marketing effort.


7. Incorporate Your Industry
Another way to make your cards stand out? Don’t go for a generic holiday scene. Instead, create a design that references your industry. Lawyers can send out a card showing the scales of justice with candy on one side and ornaments on the other. Computer repair shops can create a wreath from unused green circuit board parts and photograph it. Get creative and, if necessary, employ some freelance graphic design assistance. The marketing payoff is worth it!

No matter what design you decide on, Postcards R Us can help you bring your ideas into reality. We offer a variety of different printing styles and can create high-volume orders so you can reach all the various vendors, clients and contractors who deserve some warm holiday wishes this season.

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