The Beginner’s Guide to Holiday Marketing

Use Both Digital and Direct Marketing

While digital marketing efforts are important, including social media activity and online or app-based advertising, direct marketing is still an important facet of any business’ approach to sales. Direct marketing is the practice of sending physical items, like flyers or catalogs, to prospective customers in the hopes of creating a lead or making a sale. Print-based direct marketing is far from dead, so don’t neglect a potentially valuable marketing channel just because it seems outdated. It isn’t.


Make Physical Catalogs an Event

While catalog shopping doesn’t draw as much business as it used to, a physical catalog can be a good marketing tool. The key is to make the catalog itself something aspirational and worth browsing through. Beautiful product photos, good graphic design and an appealing presentation can make a big difference in how much time people spend paging through a physical catalog. You can save money on this marketing effort by using the same photos you use for digital marketing.


Time Your Campaigns Right

Christmas creep” has been an issue for the past decade or so, with retail businesses starting to roll out December holiday products earlier and earlier every year. While there can be some benefit to this in a physical retail store—some of us get nostalgic for our favorite candy or want to stock up on ornaments in early November as the weather gets cold—marketers need to be careful to avoid sending their messages out too early. Not all consumers like Christmas creep, and holiday-focused direct marketing materials that go out before Thanksgiving could backfire.  At the same time, launching a campaign too late can cause your message to get lost in the shuffle.

Marketing analytics can help you determine whether your campaign is working in real time, but until you actually gather that information, a sensible calendar-based plan is best. If you’re planning a Black Friday sale, you can start direct and digital marketing campaigns in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. General holiday marketing materials can start going out the first week of December or immediately after Thanksgiving.  


Focus on Both Quantity and Quality

The balance between “too much” and “not enough” is as important as the balance between “too early” and “too late.” Take advantage of all available acquisition channels to increase the quantity of your messaging outreach, but don’t spam your audience. Instead, use well-chosen and carefully crafted materials for direct marketing channels and good design for digital.

Quality for direct marketing materials means both good design and good execution. High-quality paper, vivid colors, careful printing and a clean, professional appearance are paramount for branding and framing with direct mail and other traditional marketing materials. PostcardsRUs delivers all this and more for each order. Let us help you make your holiday marketing campaigns a success. The holiday season is a time for celebration, not for stress. With our direct marketing production experts on your side, you’ll have peace of mind as you celebrate the season.

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