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Famous Printers


There are many people who gained international recognition for their work and inventions, but they all got their start in printing. In earlier times, printing was essential to spreading information and culture in a world without TV or Radio.


Let’s learn more about these famous printers whose work helped shape our nation.


Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin


This famous statesman and inventor was first a printer. Ben apprenticed with his older brother and then worked in and around the printing industry for several years. In 1728 at age 22, he started his own printing company to publish The Pennsylvania Gazette.


It is said that even after rising to fame and fortune in the national spotlight for his work as a founding father, he still signed his name as “B. Franklin, Printer”.





Wilbur and Orville Wright


You no doubt remember these inventive brothers from Ohio for their pioneering experiments in flight. But before they were building flying machines, they were building bicycles. And before bicycles, they were printers!


In 1889, the brothers build their own printing press to launch their own newspaper, The West Side News.


All the early practice with the mechanics of printing presses and bicycles ultimately paid off by changing the way we travel.


Impact of Printing


It’s interesting to see that many early printers were also tinkerers and inventors who had a variety of hobbies. This type of mechanical curiosity was very influential in America’s early years and led to many interesting developments.


The modern printing industry has been around for centuries, ever since Gutenberg’s printing press featured movable type that mechanically and accurately recreated text faster than ever before.


Technology has continued to change the printing industry, but despite recent dire predictions, print continues to be an important medium for thought and communication in our society.


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