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How 2 Fold Mailers


In the printing industry, there are many guidelines we follow. Sometimes they feel like strange rituals, but often they stem from practical equipment limitations.


One of these “strange” practices is always placing the fold of a mailing piece on the bottom. Imagine a standard piece of paper folded in half that you want to send through the mail. When designing the piece to be printed, the correct orientation is to have the fold along the bottom, so it will open at the top. The top can then be secured with an adhesive sticker to keep it closed during shipping.


So what is the reason for this habit? It’s due to the machinery at the USPS. Once your mailing is handed off to the Post Office, there are a variety of machines used to sort and process the mail.  These machines move mail pieces very quickly, but a misaligned sheet of paper can jam the machine, which brings the process to a halt. (Think of your home printer, or office copy machine paper jam.)


All your prepared mailers are placed in the machine fold first, so when the paper is sucked through by various rollers, edges won’t snag and cause a paper jam.


As your printing partner we want your order to run smoothly, even after you deliver it to USPS. So if we find something in your order that isn’t quite right, we’ll correct it in the proofing stage before it moves into production. Placing the folds at the bottom of mailers is just one of the many things we check before we approve a proof and send it to the customer for verification. Identifying and correcting mistakes early keeps costs down, and lowers your turnaround time so your mailers are delivered sooner!


If you have any questions about the printing process, you can always call and talk to a real human! (800) 986-2459.


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