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Giving Back with Fort Lee PBA

On Sunday June 11, 2017, the Fort Lee Policeman’s Benevolent Association (P.B.A.) held their inaugural 5K Running for our Youth road race.


“The event was an enormous success,” explained Thomas Porto, President of P.B.A. Local #245, “We had 534 people registered, most of which were young people from the community.”


Mile Marker Lawn Signs

The purpose of this new 5K is to build relationships between police and the youth in the community. Fostering positive experiences early on leads to trust between residents and law enforcement.


The 5K Running for our Youth race raised $38,000, much of which will benefit the William T. Birch Fort Lee Children's Fund, named for one of Fort Lee’s fallen officers.


Fort Lee P.B.A. sponsors a variety of community events in Fort Lee focused as part of its mission to give back and foster positive relationships with the community. P.B.A. is an avid supporter of local athletic teams and blood drives in addition to donating time and funds to other organizations such as Autism Speaks, and the NJ Special Olympics.


“This was the extent of our advertising,” Thomas explained, “The signs and word of mouth.” supplied the banners, lawn signs, and the step and repeat banner for the event, which helps Fort Lee P.B.A. focus on their mission and allocate more funding to their causes.



“It’s money we don’t have to raise, and it helps our bottom line because we aren’t expending our funds on signage.” Thomas said, “You guys ( are fantastic, it was painless.”


Our online ordering and proofing system shows exactly how the final product will look when printed, and provides clear feedback to the customer.


We love sponsoring events, especially when they are in our backyard. We look forward to helping with the Fort Lee Night Out which happens in August.


Finish Line






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