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Traditional Marketing Ideas

Who says you always have to think outside of the box when it comes to advertising and marketing? Some of the most tried-and-true, time-tested methods of marketing are still around simply because they work. Print marketing, for example, will never fall out of fashion, even though so many of us are connected to each other via the internet. So while it's perfectly okay to experiment with innovative marketing tactics, don't forget these traditional ones:

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  1. Network with other businesses. Find ways to connect with other businesses so that you can both reach your target market. Obviously you won't want to partner with direct competition, but you can certainly find businesses whose products or services complement your own. For instance, a carpentry company could partner with a carpet company to offer discounted installations when a certain type or amount of carpet is purchased.
  2. Invest in the community. Provide partial sponsorships to several local teams or groups, and make sure your business logo has a prominent spot on their uniforms or the billboards where they play. You can even offer to cover part of the cost of print marketing in exchange for a larger logo.
  3. Reach out to schools. Create design or writing contests with one or more of your products or prizes offered for first, second, and third place winners.
  4. Provide prizes for local events. Donate products and services for local contests and raffles as a way to create a positive impression, and as a way of advertising yourself.
  5. Advertise to specific demographics. Just as some restaurants offer senior citizen discounts on Fridays or free meals for kids on weekday evenings, find ways to target demographics with an offer that's too good to pass up. Use direct mail print marketing to make sure your offers reach these groups.
  6. Talk yourself up. Don't hesitate to engage potential customers by giving out info-packed brochures. Stand on the sidewalk outside of your business, or casually approach people at parks and other public areas. Make sure you take advantage of print marketing regularly, in order to have plenty of business cards and brochures on hand.
  7. Utilize existing customers. Ask your customers to write a positive review about their experiences with you, or to simply fill out a quick poll or a ratings card. Use the positive reviews and ratings as a reason why new customers should consider doing business with you by showcasing them - add them to your Facebook timeline, or print them out and put them up in your store.
  8. Promote with products. Never underestimate the power of a promotional product, especially a useful one. Advertise your natural juice and nutritional supplements on the side of a water bottle, or your custom printing options on pens and pencils. Look up print marketing tips for ideas on fonts, colors, and placement on various promotional products.
  9. Go mobile -- literally -- with your advertising. Use your vehicle and even the vehicles of employees as mobile advertising devices. Offer existing loyal customers a discount or a free product if they'd be wiling to let you advertise on their vehicle, too.
  10. Create press releases. Draft press releases for local newspapers and magazines, and make sure you promote them online, too. Many websites have 1-click submission forms for press releases, so you can easily get exposure from several dozen sites with just a few dozen clicks. Use print marketing tips for printable press releases that you can display in your store and on billboards in your community.
  11. Interact at trade shows. Enhance your network by grabbing a booth, even if it's a small one, at all of the local and even semi-local trade shows. Create eye-catching signage with the use of helpful print marketing tips and bring along some promotional products and a big stack of business cards, and make sure you're wearing your best smile!
  12. Tell people what you do. Whether it's your child's teacher, the guy who delivered your pizza, or the woman in line behind you at the grocery store, don't hesitate to let them know what you do for a living. Offer them a business card, but leave it up to them to pursue the conversation - hopefully they will.
  13. Create an eye-catching business card. Invest both time and money into creating visually stunning business cards that attract and impress. Bold colors, curved corners and embossed text go a long way in making your business card stand out from the rest.
  14. Value your existing customers. Don't forget about your existing clientèle; send periodic mailings and emails to let them know you appreciate your business, and to invite them back for promotional offers and special sales.
  15. Be useful. Create mailing lists and maintain a blog and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) that offer useful and fun information and advice that is relevant to your business. A bakery, for example, could put together a blog and complementing Pinterest profile that showcase not just your best designs in cakes and cupcakes, but also ideas for party decorations, party favors, and more.
  16. Be festive! Send customers holiday greetings, and don't hesitate to include a coupon or another promotion to entice them to come back.
  17. Be helpful. Create branded calendars or measurement cheat sheets and distribute them for free - check out print marketing tips for calendar ideas. Your customers will be reminded of you every time they check the date or bake a batch of cookies.
  18. Invite customers to be a part of your company. Create an exclusive panel of advisors and check in with them when you have new product or service ideas. Their feedback will be incredibly valuable, and you'll also establish and strengthen brand loyalty.
  19. Go above and beyond. After a successful transaction with a customer, follow up in a few days or weeks. Veterinarians can send follow-up cards after a check-up; printing companies can check in with customers who ordered custom holiday cards to make sure they're happy with the quality and design.
  20. Party on! Put together a special event that is just for your company and existing customers, and make sure you send out branded invitations as well as follow-up invites so you get plenty of guests.


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