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7 Fun Ways to Design Your Holiday Card This Year

November 28, 2017

Make your business holiday card stand out this year with these fun strategies. After you brainstorm, browse our greeting and holiday card offerings to bring your ideas to life.

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6 Tips for Designing Your Business Card

November 21, 2017

Ready for some new business cards? Use these tips to make the best card your networking contacts have ever seen.

Tailor the Card to your Business

Design your card to stand out in someone’s mind as an example of sophisticated professionalism. What this means for you can vary quite dramatically based on what you do for a living. For example, a lawyer may not want to use a lot of different colors and shapes on her card, but a graphic designer should probably include some eye-catching details to showcase his abilities. The information you provide should also be relevant to your business. Use an email address instead of a phone number for contact if you have an all-digital business and don’t do client communications on the phone, for example.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Holiday Marketing

November 15, 2017

Use Both Digital and Direct Marketing

While digital marketing efforts are important, including social media activity and online or app-based advertising, direct marketing is still an important facet of any business’ approach to sales. Direct marketing is the practice of sending physical items, like flyers or catalogs, to prospective customers in the hopes of creating a lead or making a sale. Print-based direct marketing is far from dead, so don’t neglect a potentially valuable marketing channel just because it seems outdated. It isn’t.

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Famous Printers | PostcardsRUs

July 31, 2017

Famous Printers


There are many people who gained international recognition for their work and inventions, but they all got their start in printing. In earlier times, printing was essential to spreading information and culture in a world without TV or Radio.


Let’s learn more about these famous printers whose work helped shape our nation.


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Free Shipping on Business Cards* | PostcardsRUs

July 24, 2017

Frees shipping on select quantities of standard business cards

*Free Shipping applies to selected quantities of standard business cards (1,000, 2,500, 5,000 count)

We receive a lot of compliments on our business cards because our customers receive a lot of compliments on their business cards.

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Hospice Foundation of America Challenge Fundraiser | PostcardsRUs

July 17, 2017


HFA Fundraiser

If you’d like to support a great cause and get some shopping done on the side, then we encourage you to participate in Hospice Foundation of America’s (HFA) Macy's Shop for a Cause Charity Fundraiser.

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What the Heck is Cover Stock!? | PostcardsRUs

July 10, 2017

What the Heck is Cover Stock?

Paper is available in all shapes and sizes, but it all begins life as giant continuous rolls that are then cut down into the final size. Today we'll be discussing Cover Stock.

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Customer Stories with TopView | PostcardsRUs

July 5, 2017

Customer Stories with TopView

Visiting New York City as a tourist can be intimidating, even if you’ve been before. There are so many different neighborhoods to explore, and a lot of ground to cover. If you’re looking to get the most out of your visit, you might want to hop on a TopView bus. This is no ordinary city bus, this is a double decker bus with an open top deck.

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How to Fold Your Mailers | PostcardsRUs

June 26, 2017

How 2 Fold Mailers


In the printing industry, there are many guidelines we follow. Sometimes they feel like strange rituals, but often they stem from practical equipment limitations.


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Fort Lee PBA #245 Hosts First Annual 5K | PostcardsRUs

June 19, 2017

Giving back with Fort Lee PBA


On Sunday June 11, 2017, the Fort Lee Policeman’s Benevolent Association (P.B.A.) held their inaugural 5K Running for our Youth road race.


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Customer Stories with Stroz Friedberg | PostcardsRUs

June 12, 2017

Customer Stories with Stroz Friedberg

Our world moves fast, and nobody knows this better than our client Stroz Friedberg (an Aon company).  They are experts in risk management with a focus in information security; protecting digital assets from those who seek to steal, disrupt, or otherwise maliciously affect your digital assets.

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Customer Stories with NYC Pride | PostcardsRUs

June 5, 2017

Customer Stories with NYC Pride

June is LGBT Pride Month, so it’s the perfect time to talk with long-time client Heritage of Pride which manages New York City’s annual Pride events. We spoke with Managing Director Chris Frederick about the history of Heritage of Pride and the events they have planned for this year, and the future.

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Try Metallic Ink | PostcardsRUs

May 30, 2017

Metallic Ink on Business Card


One of our newer options for business cards is metallic ink. This process can deliver glittery results with great versatility.

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Memorial Day 2017 | PostcardsRUs

May 22, 2017

Memorial Day 2017


Memorial Day 2017 is just around the corner which means summer and great weather are on the way. While you’re relaxing with your friends and family, take a moment to reflect on this day of remembrance.


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Rule of 4 | PostcardsRUs

May 15, 2017

Rule of 4


If you’re preparing a book, catalog, magazine, or any style of printed booklet that requires binding, it’s important to remember one rule: books have pages in multiples of 4.

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